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Dear Dreamers,


All too often, dreams are taken for granted, put to the side, or forgotten about. As a former athlete and the current coach and founder of Strickly Hoops, I understand the importance of a dream and its potential to better one's life. But how does one obtain their dream? We are glad you asked!


First and foremost, you must pray over your dream. Seek guidance from God, and let your faith be the foundation upon which your dreams are built. Trust in the divine plan and purpose for your life, knowing that your dreams have been planted in your heart for a reason.


Next, believe in your dream with unwavering conviction. Embrace it as a part of who you are, and let it fuel your passion and determination. Your belief in your dream will be the driving force behind your journey toward its realization.


Now comes the crucial step: attack your dream ferociously. Dreams are not passive wishes; they require action, dedication, and hard work. Set clear goals, make a plan, and take consistent steps toward your dream every day. Embrace the challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth, knowing that they are all part of the journey.


Invest in your dream wholeheartedly. This may require sacrifices and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. Whether it's time, effort, or resources, allocate what is necessary to see your dream through to fruition. Your investment will be repaid in the fulfillment of your deepest aspirations.


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, believe in the things that God has to say about you. You are uniquely created with gifts, talents, and a purpose. Embrace your identity as a child of the divine and let that belief empower you to chase your dreams relentlessly.


But why is all of this important? Dreams are not only made for the individual who envisions them but also for those who believe in that person and even for those who may doubt. Your dreams have the power to inspire others, to break barriers, and to create positive change in the world. When you pursue your dreams with faith and determination, you not only fulfill your own potential but also become a beacon of hope for those around you.


So, dear dreamers, remember that your dreams are worth pursuing with all your heart and soul. They have the power to transform your life and impact the lives of others. Pray, believe, attack, invest, and above all, hold fast to the belief that you are destined for greatness.


With unwavering support and encouragement,


Coach Isaac Strickland

Founder, Strickly Hoops

Coach Strick

Isaac Strickland, a dynamic force in the world of basketball, hails from College Park, Georgia. In the transformative year of 2020, he embarked on a thrilling journey that led him to the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, where he planted his roots in the Triangle area.


Isaac's extraordinary adventure into the realm of high level basketball began in 2013 when he graced the halls of Talladega College. As a student, he not only excelled in his studies but also found his true calling as a student assistant coach, working closely under the guidance of the renowned head coach, Matthew Cross, who would go on to lead Texas College. Coach Cross recognized in Isaac an innate gift for leadership—a spark that Isaac had yet to discover within himself.


As an assistant coach at Talladega, Isaac Strickland played a pivotal role in orchestrating a spectacular series of triumphs for the Tornadoes. The achievements piled up, with an awe-inspiring three consecutive conference titles, a remarkable four consecutive appearances in the prestigious NAIA National tournament, a coveted final four appearance, and the history-making feat of becoming the first Historically Black College and University (HBCU) to secure a #1 national ranking in over five decades. Moreover, the team consistently graced the upper echelons of the NAIA Men's Division 1 top #25 rankings for a staggering four consecutive seasons.


Not content with these accomplishments, Coach Strickland expanded his horizons to the women's basketball program at Talladega College, contributing to the ascent of the lady Tornadoes to a top #25 ranking.


To conclude his illustrious collegiate coaching career, Isaac Strickland ventured westward to join the ranks of NCAA's Division II athletics as a Men's graduate assistant coach at Western New Mexico University.


But Isaac Strickland is more than just a coach; he is an embodiment of the relentless passion for basketball, often described as a "gym rat" and an unapologetic "basketball junky." His dedication extends far beyond the courts, as he is deeply committed to nurturing and empowering the youth. He devotes himself wholeheartedly to providing every individual he coaches with the ultimate platform to chase their dreams.


Besides his remarkable career, Isaac is blessed to share his life's journey with his devoted wife, Alyson, and their two beautiful children, Miko and Shiloh. The Strickland family is a testament to the values of dedication, unity, and unwavering commitment.


Isaac Strickland's incredible career and personal journey exemplify his undying passion for the game of basketball and his unshakeable devotion to guiding and inspiring young athletes to reach their full potential. His story is a beacon of hope and aspiration for all who share his love for the game.

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